hey, well blogdrive, it's been great. it really has. but all great things have to come to an end. writing in here really seems like a chore. people bug me to update, even when i have nothing to say, and it all feels so... forced. this blog is too public. okay. once upon a time, i actually could blog and i actually could say whatever. school was funny and i was a spaz and this blog was an amusing read for you guys. but then i stopped blogging regularly... i got the impression that some of you were bored with what i wrote. so i changed my style. i tried talking about my feelings more. but i don't think that worked either, because there are just some things that i want to share, but i can't just share them with ANYONE. so i don't get to tell the whole story, sometimes. see? this blog is too public. i try writing something that will satisfy a person, and it just bores all. and i wangst waaaay more than i intend to. who wants to read a girl whine all the time? nobody.

so yes. this is why rapture must end. this is really hard for me, you know, i've had this blog like forever. okay. two years or so. it's like saying goodbye to an old friend. but fear not! i'm still going to type and vent. ___sakurasaku partly public, partly locked. so i get to write what i want, and decide who gets to read it.

i'm not going to delete this place or anything. who knows? someday i might change my mind and turn around and reopen this place. if i feel like it. well... bye...

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